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davidDavid Belden is the founder of the facilitation and executive development company, ExecuVision International. As a Professional Outsider, he observes and analyzes organizations and relationships from without to transform them from within. ExecuVision International was founded in 1998. It is a referral-based consultancy, working exclusively with organizations that have realized the need for transformation.

Educated in Denmark, David has 30 years’ experience in international trade, garnered while living abroad. David’s focus was in purchasing, import, export and creating new operations in foreign countries. He has created five startups and completed three successful international turnarounds. He has lived in six countries, and worked in an additional 16, providing him with some unique insights into the universal nature of organizations.

David’s main focus for ten years was establishing new offices and restructuring dysfunctional operations abroad. During this time, he lived in Denmark, Taiwan, Japan, France, Germany and the United States. His emphasis has been on process and workflow design, executive and managerial development, team alignment and creating an organizational structure where everyone contributes to his or her highest level of competence.

David is a 20-year Master Chair of Chief Executive Peer Groups in Durham, NC.  In these groups, the leaders of highly diverse organizations share their most challenging opportunities and concerns in a confidential setting. They then hold each other accountable for results. He also facilitates three groups in India, visiting there five times each year.

For the past two years, David has facilitated a unique program designed to transform young, high-potential managers into leaders.The Leadership & Self-Discovery curriculum covers every aspect of modern leadership learning –  psychometric assessment, communication, goal-setting, trust, empathy, story-telling, accountability.

David has also completed all the certification and advanced training in Imago Relationship Therapy. This study is focused on the work of Harville Hendrix, delineated in his perennial bestsellers, Getting the Love You Want and Receiving Love. Frequently, David uses this training in conflict resolution.  He also facilitates executive couple’s workshops where at least one of the partners is an executive.

David is a certified Master Facilitator in Fierce Conversations™. As a supplement to this, he is also certified in The Communication Catalyst™, a watershed methodology delineating the psychological and neuroscientific basis of communication. He has presented over 300 workshops, retreats, and keynotes to a wide range of groups and organizations.

David is also one of the first 15 people certified by Dan Pink to incorporate the work of A Whole New Mind and Drive. This exclusive international group of thought leaders is redefining the basic ideas of work, innovation, motivation, and creativity.

David works with a few highly specialized associates to tailor a unique solution to your specific needs. He orchestrates all operations personally, assuring close contact with all clients.



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ExecuVision specializes in process/people analysis, team alignment, executive development, workshops, retreats and keynotes for companies, associations, not-for-profits, and governmental organizations. The focus of our work is to help teams discover the underlying blockers to cooperation, understanding, and profitability. A significant dimension of our work is behavioral transformation counseling.

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Organizational Analysis

Process Design Review

Workflow Analysis

Executive Alignment Retreats

Conflict Resolution

Communication Workshops

Executive Development Counseling

Behavioral Transformation Counseling

Leadership Training Seminars (2-3 days)

Leadership Training Workshops (1/2 – 1 day)

Meeting Facilitation

Core Values Index Facilitation

Executive Couples Workshop (1 – 2 days)