Process and People


There are two components to running any organization. The first is process. This is a matter of design. We know that eventually all business issues will be solved by process. It is simply a matter of gathering enough data, learning from past experience, and refining how we do things to make them more efficient.

We also know that every process is designed to deliver precisely the results it was designed for. If you are not getting the results you expect, process redesign is the first priority. Good process design is a purely mechanical, logical exercise. ExecuVision International creates best practices in process mapping, workflow analysis, integration, and implementation.

The second component is people. Even the best design is often inadvertently sabotaged by conflicting demands of managerial metrics, unclear vision, and confused performance. Making the transition from manager to executive is overwhelming for many. ExecuVision International excels in aligning the goals of all parts of the organization through line-of-sight restructuring, as well as executive development.



3 Themes


Though each client is unique, a typical process with ExecuVision International consists of a simple set of retreats which will explore the nature of your organization and the group dynamics of your people:

1 – Determine who you are at your most basic level
2 – Examine how you communicate
3 – Determine your true culture and values